User Guide

PBjam is intended to be a user-friendly peakbagging tool. The most straightforward way of using PBjam is through the session class. This class handles the organization of the inputs, the mode ID, peakbagging and output. The inputs to the session class can take a variety of forms which are shown in the examples below.

It’s also possible to use the star class to analyze single stars, mainly for use in custom scripts.


The session class is the most straightforward way to analyze one or more stars with PBjam. The Session notebook provides a few simple examples of the forms of input that can be given to session.


The session class is really just a fancy wrapper for the star class. After initializing the session class, the instance can be called to execute the entire peakbagging procedure automatically.


The star class is meant for more detailed control of the inputs for each star. The Star notebook shows a simple example of this.


It is not strictly necessary to use either the session or star classes. The Advanced notebook shows an end-to-end walkthrough of the steps that PBjam goes through for peakbagging.


For additional useful examples see the Examples directory.